Special Programs and Activities

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     The International Graduate Program in Politics is coordinated with a large number of on-campus as well as local, national and international groups to offer students unique opportunities to present their research and set themselves inside of a network of professional connections. The opportunities are forwarded to students through the program Wechat network.

      The International Students Office works in a close partnership with the International Graduate Program in Politics to organize special extra-curricular programs and activities: tours of travel, language groups, film clubs, sports meetings, art and fashion shows and events of academic interest. Such of these as are offered each semester are listed and described on the International Students Office website, under the Activities tab.  


     The Graduate Program supports a set of ongoing, student-led and faculty-advised reading groups. These groups are open to all students in all programs, both graduate and undergraduate, and to all faculty across the University. Chinese and international students and faculty are all welcome. At this time we host two groups: one in feminist theory and another in Marxism. But we expect to have more such groups in the future.

Feminist Theories Reading Group

Marxist Theories Reading Group

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