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Wu Guanjun, Ph.D.

Professor & Vice President, Academic Council & Department Chair

Chinese & Western Political Philosophy, Critical Theory

Liu Qing, Ph.D.


Comparative Intellectual History, Liberalism

Josef Gregory Mahoney, Ph.D.

Professor & Program Director*

Comparative Epistemology, Marxism, Critical Methods

Xu Ruifang, Ph.D. 

Associate Professor

Political Participation in China, Citizenship & Ideological Education in China

Ye Shulan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Chinese International Relations, Qualitative Research Methods

Yu Jing, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Party & Governmental Public Relations in China

Wang Yishuai, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Program PhD Head

Chinese Political & Governmental Systems, Budgeting & Appropriations

Yi Yan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor & Program MA Head

Comparative Political Communication

Liu Xiaoyan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Family Policy, Feminist Theory, Women & Gender Issues

Zhang Zhenhua, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Comparative Political Economy, Political Sociology

Yu Xiao, Ph.D.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow & Research Methods Coordinator

Qualitative Research Methods, Environmental Studies

Yao Yuanmei, Ph.D.

Research Fellow in Cold War Center

China and South Asia

Dai Yuchen, Ph.D.

Associate Research Fellow

Media Theory, Cultural Studies

Liu Yajuan, Ph.D.

Associate Research FellowPRC History (1949-1965);CCP History and CCP

Tai Yuri, Ph.D.

Associate Research FellowHungarian Roundtable Negotiations, Political Transition of Eastern European Countries

Yang Yifan, Ph.D.

Associate Research Fellow

Public Diplomacy; EU-China Relations, Chinese Foreign Policy

Quan Hong, ABD

Program Manager & Teacher

Women and Gender in China, Feminist Theory

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