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     Students can apply as self-supporting or as scholarship students. There are three separate scholarship programs open to applicants. The first of these is offered by the Chinese Ministry of Education, the second by the Shanghai Municipal Government and the third by Hanban, the organization that oversees Confucius Institutes worldwide. The first and second programs are open to both MA and PhD-level applicants. The third program only to doctoral applicants. Students may apply for more than one program at a time but each program requires a separate application and its own separate supporting materials. In any case, only one scholarship is awarded to any single student: either that from the Ministry of Education, that from the Shanghai City Government or else that from the Confucius Institutes. But only one application fee is required, so that you may apply to all three for the price of one.

1. For students who would like to apply for scholarships, please check here:

Guidance for Applying for Scholarship.pdf

2. For self-support students who may fail to apply for scholarships due to age limitations, please check here:


Download Forms

  1. 1.Physical Examination Form

  2. Physical Examination Form.pdf

  3. 2.format for Recommendation Letter

format for Recommendation Letter.pdf

  1. Form for Application (for non-scholarship students only)



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